Club COVID Guidelines

Waldorf Soccer Club Covid protocol for Spring 2021 season

Our protocol has been taken directly from the Charles County Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism as we use their facilities.   This is our policy as well as theirs.   

Spectators are limited to two (2) per athlete/player, must wear face covering/mask and maintain six (6) feet social distancing from others at all games and practices. 

Players/Officials do not need to wear a face covering/mask on the field of play unless they choose to do so. Players/Officials must wear a face covering/mask on the sideline. Officials must put their face covering/mask on with any player/coach interaction on or off the field.

We expect that EVERYONE that attends practices and games – except the players and officials actually participating on the field – wear a FACE MASK and stay socially distant.   This is mandatory.  You will be asked to leave the facility if you do not comply.

· No team/spectator gathering(s) allowed throughout the park or in parking lots.

· Players/Coaches/Officials/Spectators are responsible to confirm the following health evaluation prior to arriving to each practice/game. If yes to any, participation is prohibited.  

o Do you feel well today? Have a fever, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath?

o Is your temperature greater than or equal to 100.4?

o In the past 14 days have you tested positive or have been exposed to a Covid positive patient?

o Are you awaiting the results of a Covid test?

Parents – obviously please do not bring your child to any team activity if you cannot answer yes to each of the above questions.

· Athletes/Players are to maintain 6 feet social distancing when on the sidelines.

· For games, coaches should use cones or other means to designate distancing space for each player on the sideline.

· Athletes/Players are to use their own equipment, provide their personal drink/water, and snack(s). No sharing of personal items or belongings. Teams should not have traditional shared snacks at half time or end of the game.

· Avoid high fives, handshakes, fist bumps, or hugs. No spitting will be permitted.

· Athletes/Players are to keep their belongings in a designated area and six (6) feet apart.

· To all extent possible, player should have their own individual equipment; any shared equipment must be cleaned/sanitized in between use of individuals.

Please notify the Club or the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism immediately if a player, coach, official, spectator, are experiencing symptoms or received a positive test result so proper tracing procedures and schedule adjustments can be implemented to reduce the spread.

Thanks for your help in keeping everyone safe!!!!!