Bryantown Sports Complex Rules

Just a few reminders when at the Bryantown Sports Complex...

  • Smoking and Tobacco use of all types prohibited
  • No Alcoholic Beverages permitted
  • No illegal Drugs permitted
  • No Firearms or other dangerous weapons
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Please drive slow and watch out for kids coming out of parked cars
  • Positive Attitudes at all times

Please demonstrate a positive level of sportsmanship, encouragement, respect and integrity when at the complex.  Harassment, abuse, bullying and berating of others will not be tolerated and will result in suspension from the complex and future events.

We will do our best to have the concession stand open as much as possible but we need volunteers to do so.  If you are interested in volunteering to work in the concession stand, please send an email to for more details and available shifts.


Charles County has restricted all dogs from being within 150 feet of any playing field at all Charles County parks, including the Bryantown Sports Complex.  Since the layout of Bryantown makes it virtually impossible to be outside of 150 feet from any field, the complex is declared "dog-free".  The Waldorf Soccer Club has taken this stance one step further, declaring the complex a "pet-free" zone.  The signage at Bryantown reflects this policy and the Club thanks you for abiding by this policy.