Waldorf SC Refund Policy

Instructions on How To Obtain a Refund

All refund requests must be made in writing, either electronically or manually.  For the Fall 2016 season, such requests must be made and postmarked by August 8, 2016.  Requests must be sent to the Club’s official post office address.
The address is Waldorf Soccer Club, P.O. Box 314, Waldorf, MD 20604.
Refund requests may also be emailed to the Club (info@WaldorfSoccer.com).
They must be received by the above mentioned date.
Refunds may be obtained if your child/player is injured before the season begins and cannot play; is selected to play on a Waldorf SC travel team before the season begins; or for any other valid reason, as determined by the Waldorf SC Executive Board.
*If you received a uniform and/or t-shirt, no Refund will be given until the uniform and/or t-shirt is returned  to the Waldorf Soccer Club and the refund request was submitted by the mentioned date above.
Refunds cannot be made through a verbal agreement.  Waldorf SC is a non-profit organization, and has to keep records of all transactions.  A written refund request is the appropriate documentation for recordkeeping.  It is inappropriate for a coach to initiate a refund request, on your behalf, verbally with the Club or its officers.  Waldorf SC will not issue a refund check in this manner.
If you need a refund for any valid reason, please send the Club a note explaining the need for the refund, and have it postmarked by the appropriate date.  Requests sent will be reviewed as soon as possible.  If you registered by credit card, your refund will be generated by credit card also.  Refund checks will be mailed once Waldorf SC receives notification that your registration fee has cleared the bank.
Please note that refunds for the upcoming Fall 2016 season will not be issued for any reason if submitted after August 8, 2016 unless otherwise determined by the Waldorf SC Executive Board.