CSM Announces Futsal Details

UPDATED (Shown in RED) 1 Nov 08...

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) has released the details for their winter FUTSAL season.  Here is a breakdown of those details:
Season Start: Either November 22nd or December 6th, based upon the availability of the gym at CSM.
Number of Games: Each team registered will be guaranteed 10 games.
Game Site: CSM - La Plata Campus Gymnasium
Game Days: Saturdays only.
Eligible Teams: Recreational and Travel (separate divisions based upon number of teams registered).
Eligible Age Groups: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19 (i.e. U9’s would play in the U10 age group, U11’s in the U12 age group, etc).
Cost: U8, U10, U12 & U14 Teams - $350; U16 & U19 Teams - $425
Game Length: 40 Minutes (younger age groups may play quarters.
Roster Size: Maximum of 12 players (9 recommended)
Registration Deadline:  November 15th, 2008
Practice Times and Locations: Left up to each team.  Typically, each team reserves time on any of the local school gymnasium floors.
For those not familiar with FUTSAL, it is a game of soccer played in an area about as big as a basketball court. It is an excellent game to develop your teams’ play with one another as well as developing the individual skill and technique the Waldorf SC endeavors to instill in every player.  Since we keep the teams together from the fall to the spring, this is an excellent opportunity to get a leg up for the spring season.  There will be a training class offered for coaches new to FUTSAL before the season begins.  This class will be taught by Mr. Rodney Fugitt of the Southern Maryland School of Soccer.  Rodney is the head coach of the CSM Women’s Soccer Team and head coach of two Waldorf SC travel teams (MD United and SMD United).
To view the rules and description of FUTSAL, visit http://www.futsal.org/
Visit http://www.csmd.edu/wfs/Sports/FutsalSoccer/ for details on how to register your team in the CSM FUTSAL program.
You may also e-mail your registration to CStorey@csmd.edu or GT973@aol.com
Individuals looking for a team to play on for the winter may e-mail GT973@aol.com with their desire.
There will be an adult program (over 30 and over 40) based upon participation levels achieved.
UPDATE: CSM intent was for rec teams to play Saturdays and travel teams to play Sundays only if there were too many teams to support Saturdays only. As of this moment, there are not enough registrations to warrant separate days. Additionally, teams ARE NOT required to register with US FUTSAL only if the team WILL NOT be participating in any FUTSAL tournaments.  If your team is going to particpate in FUTSAL tournaments, register your players and coaches with US FUTSAL.