Junior Academy FAQs

Below you will find frequently asked questions regarding the Club’s U6/U8 Junior Academy.

Question #1: What age groups is the Junior Academy targeted for?
Answer #1:    The Waldorf SC’s Junior Academy has been developed to replace the Club’s previous model for the Under-6 (U6) and Under-8 (U8) age groups, focused on creating a solid technical foundation tailored towards an emphasis on ball familiarity and mastery
Question #2: Where is the Junior Academy held?
Answer #2:    Bryantown Sports Complex - 5665 Bryantown Road. Waldorf MD 20601
Question #3: When are the Junior Academy sessions?
Answer #3:    The Junior Academy consists of two types of sessions 1- Technical, 2- Small-Sided Games.
Technical sessions will be scheduled for Monday evenings, and Small-Sided games will be scheduled for Saturday afternoons.
Question #4: When should my child arrive to his/her sessions?
Answer #4:    Each child should plan to arrive 15 minutes early to allow each of the sessions to start at its scheduled time
Question #5: What should my child bring to his/her sessions?
Answer #5:    Each child should plan to bring water, a size 3 soccer ball, shin guards, with cleats being highly recommended. ALL players must wear their Academy t-shirt.
Question #6: When will my child receive their Academy jersey?
Answer #6:    Each child will receive their jersey prior to the start of the 1st training session. Requesting that each family plan to arrive 25 to 30 minutes prior to the start of the first session to allow for the distribution of the jerseys. A parent or responsible adult will be required to sign when receiving their t-shirt
Question #7: If my child cannot attend the first session, will an alternate means of obtaining his/her Academy jersey be available?
Answer #7:    Any child not able to attend the first session, will be able to obtain their training jersey at the 1st day of small sided games
Question #8: When will I hear for my child’s assigned Coach?
Answer #8:    The new Academy will transition away from the Club’s previous way of building teams and leveraging volunteers to coach, thus eliminating direct correspondence from a Coach prior to the Academy. All direct communication will come from the Club or the Junior Academy’s Gender Directors
Question #9: Who will serve as my child’s Coach?
Answer #9:    Certified coaches will be leveraged within the Junior Academy at a 15:1 player/coach ratio, with each of them following a standardized development curriculum coordinated with our DOC. Each child will be assigned a Coach at the initial Academy session.
Question #10: Where should my child go for their sessions at the facility?
Answer #10:  You will be directed to the proper field location at the first session. Fields will remain the same throughout the season, barring any issues with field conditions due to weather or other circumstances.  
Question #11: As a parent, where should I go during the training sessions and small-sided games?
Answer #11:    For training sessions, the Club is requesting that parents remain on the boundaries of the field areas as close to the parking areas as possible. For small-sided games, we are requesting that parents plan to leverage the bleachers at the Complex, combined with personal seating. All non-Academy players, parents and children, must remain outside of the playing areas, with Coaches and Executive Board members assisting with addressing any questions regarding seating locations that arise at the Complex.
Question #12: Will pictures be available for my child?
Answer #12:    Yes – A group Academy picture will be taken for each age/gender (U6 Boys, U6 Girls, U8 Boys and U8 Girls). Individual Picture session will also be available. All picture sessions will be held at the Bryantown Sports Complex.  Order forms and specific details on date/times will be provided as they become available.
Question #13: What level of play options exist for U8 players "graduating" from the Junior Academy?
Answer #13:    There are three levels of play for U8 players after the Junior Academy. 
Click HERE to access a letter from the Director of Coaching providing an overview of the three Program options:  1) U10 Recreation; 2) U10 Classic; and 3) U9 Travel