Patrick Streger




Patrick Streger – Chestnut Hill College

What is your teams goals for the season?

My team’s goals for the season are to win the CACC (Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference) and finish among the top teams during the regular season

What are your individual goals?

My individual goals include scoring at least 4 goals as a freshman and becoming a starter. I have earned my spot on the starting line up, and have recorded my first collegiate goal as well. My first goal was the game winner in overtime against Mercy College to win 3-2. Academically, my goals include maintaining above a 3.0 GPA and preparing myself for every test by completing all my assignments and thoroughly study for each class.

How do you balance academics and soccer?

Balancing academics and soccer is actually not too hard. We have mandatory study every day, but match days, for at least an hour. This gives me time to complete all of my homework and upcoming assignments and get in some extra studying. Also, most of my classes are either in the morning or early afternoon which doesn’t conflict with my soccer schedule that much because practices and games are usually later in the evening.

In what way did you prepare for pre season training?

In preparation to entering preseason for my college, my friends and I would get together almost every day during the summer to run, lift, and workout. I worked out with my good friend Joey Higgs and my cousin Jake Shelton most of the time. Whether it’d be at the gym, track, or on the field, we always put in 100% effort because those workouts only make you a better player.

How did Waldorf Soccer Club help you prepare for your college soccer experience?

Playing for the club helped me to prepare for my college career because it provided me the opportunity to play against talented clubs and very skilled players. Also, I was able to get a lot touches on the ball practicing multiple days during the week and playing games and tournaments. Lastly, my coach  was a great inspiration on and off the pitch. He was very motivating and connected with all the players great.