Rules and Guidlines for Select Teams

Rules and Guidelines for Select Teams

Representing the Waldorf Soccer Club


prepared 5-14-97



1.      PURPOSE:


The purpose to the policy outlined below is to ensure the select teams representing the Waldorf Soccer Club in the NCSL, WAGS, CMSSL, and MPSL are of the best caliber possible.  The club recognizes the need for its select teams to be competitive when representing the club outside of the in-house and county leagues.  The club recognizes its responsibility to provide players the best opportunity to compete at the levels appropriate to their skills.  The club also recognizes that regardless of the caliber of opposing teams, or the level of competitive play, sportsmanship, fair play, and the well being of the player is always first and foremost.





Coaches for select teams representing the Waldorf Soccer Club will be selected by a majority vote of the Executive Board based upon the resumes submitted by interested applicants.  Applicants for coaching positions for the fall season must submit resumes no later than the May board meeting of the year of play (i.e.: May 97 for Fall 97 season of play).  Applicants for coaching positions for the Spring season must submit resumes no later than the December Board meeting of the year prior to the year of play (i.e.: December 97 for the Spring 98 season of play).



3.  TEAM FORMULATION:               


3a.  Only one team will be allowed for play in any age group for each of the following leagues: NCSL, WAGS, CMSSL, MPSL, unless the Executive Board determines a particular age group can support more than one team without harming the caliber of existing teams.


3b.  A second team for any particular age group may not petition or be considered for play until the original team in that age group has completed at least three full seasons of competition, or the original team has disbanded.*


3c.  Teams competing in the NCSL, in any particular age group will be considered A teams, with teams competing in the CMSSL or MPSL, in the same age groups will be considered B teams.  The original team in any particular age group competing in the WAGS league will be considered the A team with any subsequent team in the same age group considered the B team.


3d.  Coaches petitioning to formulate teams for the NCSL,WAGS,CMSSL,MPSL must agree, in writing, to abide by all restrictions outlined in this policy.  Refusal to do so will be cause for denial of the petition.


3e.  Teams already existing as of the date of this policy are exempt from the restrictions in this paragraph.





4a.  When A and B teams exist, as outlined in paragraph 3, the coaches will hold joint tryouts with the A team coach having the right of refusal for all players trying out in the affected age group.  The A team will not have rights to players who are the children of recognized head coach and/or assistant coach of the B team.  Tryouts will be held prior to the fall season.  Tryouts will be open, and all players, regardless of their status on existing A or B teams, will be required to tryout.  Rosters formulated after these tryouts will be considered firm until the following Fall tryout.  When circumstances exist wherein a player must drop off the A team roster, after the tryout, the player will be strongly encouraged to play for the B team, if the B team has an opening on its roster.  No more than two B team players may move to the A team after the fall tryout, and before the next open tryout.


4b.  Players selected by the A team must play on that team unless exceptional circumstances exist which prohibit this, or the parents/guardians of the player or the player him/herself declines to play on the A team. (Note:  Whenever possible, the player selected for the A team should be strongly encouraged, by both coaches, to play for that team.)


4c.  A and B teams will not be allowed to carry more than two(2) players on their respective rosters who are considered to be playing up an age group.  Whenever possible players should be strongly encouraged to play in their respective age groups so as to ensure the younger teams have the appropriate talent to be competitive.  Existing players who are playing up an age group are exempt from the player movement restrictions, but an existing team cannot pick any players who are not of age unless the team has less than two under-age players.

4d.  If the A and B team coaches cannot abide by the restrictions as outlined in this paragraph, conflicts will be brought before the Executive Board.  Decisions of the Board will be final.  If the same or similar conflicts arise with the same coaches, during subsequent open tryouts, the Board will have the right to dismiss the coaches involved.

4e.  All existing age groups are exempt from the restrictions of this paragraph.  However, the coaches of these teams are strongly encouraged to attempt to abide by these restrictions whenever possible.


Approved February 1997

Waldorf Soccer Club Executive Board


*This paragraph was not included in the approval of the document in February 1997, but was discussed at the March 1997 meeting.  It has not since been discussed.