Picture Days - FALL 2019 TBA

Page last updated on 3/12/2018

Picture Days for the Spring 2018 season will take place on Saturday, April 28th and Saturday,  May 12th and will be available for all Waldorf SC Rec, Rec Plus and Travel teams to participate.  The schedule appears below.

TSS Photography will be set up by the main entrance to Bryantown Sports Complex by Field #3.

NOTE:  For the Rec Plus and Travel Teams, Shawn Bingham (VP of Travel) will coordinate dates and times for each team that is interested.

 Even if you are not interested in purchasing the pictures, many other families will purchase team photos, and it would be great if all the kids showed up on time for their team picture.

TSS Photography is the leader in youth sports, school, and event photography. The quality and quantity of their products are excellent, and their customer service is even better... All at a reasonable price!

Waldorf Soccer Club
Saturday April 28, 2018
Photo Time Age/Color Team Name Coach
8:00 U12 Boys Crushers N Johnson
8:00 U19 CoEd   J Martin
8:15 U10 Boys   D Castro
8:15 U10 Boys Raptors E Smith
9:00 U6 Jr Academy Turquoise Strikers  
9:00 U6 Jr Academy Kelly Green Machine  
9:15 U6 Jr Academy Lime Green Power  
9:15 U6 Jr Academy Silver Sharks  
9:30 U10 Girls   J Brown
9:30 U10 Girls Fighting Eagles S Huntt
9:30 U15 Boys Invaders P Hall
10:00 U6 Jr Academy Teal Thunder  
10:00 U6 Jr Academy Orange Tigers  
10:15 U6 Jr Academy Royal Blue Knights  
10:15 U6 Jr Academy Charcoal Crushers  
10:30 U10 Girls Bulldogs  
10:30 U10 Girls Unicorns D Padgett
10:45 U15 Boys   M Billard
11:00 U15 Girls   W Maxwell
12:00 U8 Jr Academy Turquoise Strikers  
12:00 U8 Jr Academy Kelly Green Machine  
12:15 U8 Jr Academy Lime Green Power  
12:15 U8 Jr Academy Silver Sharks  
12:45 U12 Boys Earthquakes Y Castor
1:00 U8 Jr Academy Teal Thunder  
1:00 U8 Jr Academy Gold Rush  
1:15 U8 Jr Academy Columbia Blue Lightning  
1:15 U8 Jr Academy Orange Tigers  
2:00 U8 Jr Academy Royal Blue Knights  
2:00 U8 Jr Academy Purple Panthers  
Waldorf Soccer Club
 Saturday May 12, 2018
Photo Time Age Team Name Coach
8:00 U15 Girls Cougars K Duvall-Casto
8:00 U15 Girls   B Parks
8:15 Kiddie Kicks    
9:15 U10 Boys  Knights L Huntt
10:00 U10 Boys  Speedsters A Hart
10:15 U12 Girls   J Brantuo
10:30 U10 Girls Rockers K Gorzka
11:15 U12 Boys Blazers C Blay
11:30 U12 Girls   V Weavill
11:45 U12 Girls Wild Warriors  
11:45 U19 CoEd Doinks B Fuentes