Travel Team Try-Outs

June 5th thru June 14th (UPDATED MAY 21st)

Travel team soccer is at a competitive level.  Teams will compete in travel leagues in the Washington DC metro area.  Most games in travel soccer will occur within 50 miles of the Washington DC beltway.  Some leagues will play games within 50 miles of the Baltimore beltway.  Parents desiring more information on what travel (select) soccer is all about may visit the ’travel program’ link on the Club homepage.  The Club will be holding tryouts for prospective U9-U12 players the first two weeks of June.

The Club is actively seeking coaches to fill positions in the U9-U12 age groups (both genders).  Persons interested in coaching at the more competitive travel level need to contact Gary Knight (VP, Ops) or Mark Duncan (President) with their desire to do so (their info is on the ’contact board members’ link on the Club website).  Coaches volunteering for positions in the travel program will need to obtain their State "E" License.  The Club will pay for this license and there will be a course offered before the start of the travel season.

Prospective U9 (birthdate between August 1, 1998 and July 31, 1999) players will have tryouts on June 5th and June 12th.

Prospective U10 (birthdate between August 1, 1997 and July 31, 1998) tryouts will be June 6th and June 13th.

Prospective U11 (birthdate between August 1, 1996 and July 31, 1997) and U12 (birthdate between August 1, 1995 and July 31, 1996) tryouts will be June 7th and 14th. All tryouts will be at the Bryantown Sports Complex and will be from 6-8pm. Players trying out should make it to both nights of tryouts for that age group. If they cannot make it both nights, their evaluation will be based on the one night.

U13 and older (birthdate on or before July 31, 1995) tryouts will be held during the same two week period.  However, there is no Club structure to these tryouts and teams are left to decide the best format for their purposes.  U13 and older players will not register on-line for tryouts. This is left to the teams.  Keep an eye on the Club website for information regarding these tryouts.

PROSPECTIVE U9-U12 AGE GROUPS ONLY: Registration for tryouts will be online through the MSYSA Club website. Please follow this process when registering your child(ren) for tryouts.

1. Access the online system by clicking on the link on the Club ’travel program’ page on the Club’s website ( Here is the link for those that want to cut and paste -

2. DO NOT LOGIN. Instead, click on the ’registration’ tab at the top center of the page.

3. Put the green dot in the ’tryout registration’ option and click ’continue’.

4. There will now be two options for the parents to choose from. If their child played on any Waldorf bannered travel team last season, choose OPTION ONE. If they did not play on any Waldorf bannered team last season, choose OPTION TWO. Click ’continue’.

5a. OPTION ONE: This will bring the parent to the log-in screen. They may log-in using their username/password, or by filling out all of the red asterisked items.

5b. OPTION TWO: The parent will be prompted to create a user account.

6a. OPTION ONE. Once the parent is logged in, there will be a listing of all the members of the family on record. To register for tryouts, place checkmarks next to the child(ren) requesting the tryout. Families with multiple children in the travel program only need to do this once (placing checkmarks next to each child requesting the tryout).  Click ’continue’.

6b.  OPTION TWO.  After setting up a user account, parents will be prompted to input all family members into the database AND identify the nature of each person entered (player, parent, etc).  Once the child(ren) are entered, follow the same process in item 6a.

7. The rest is self-explanatory, just follow the prompts (primarily confirming family/previous team information).

Players registering for tryouts will only be able to register for their age group and gender. Players desiring to play up an age group or play on an opposite gender team should e-mail the Club travel registrar, Deb Duncan, with their desire to do so.

NOTE: Players desiring to play up need to tryout for their own age group as well as their desired age group. For example, a U9 desiring to play up in the U10 will need to tryout June 5,6,12 and 13.

Any questions should be directed to the travel registrar, Deb Duncan, at 301-638-4736. Thank you for your time and we look forward to a successful tryout and season next year!