Travel Program

Travel Program

FC Charles 1658

The Travel/Rec Plus Soccer Arm of the Waldorf Soccer Club

Waldorf Soccer Club and LaPlata Youth Soccer Association are excited to announce they have partnered to combine their travel and rec plus programs to form FC Charles 1658. Both clubs have been working over time to determine how best to provide greater opportunities for competitive soccer players in Charles County and the surrounding area.  The goal of the new club is to allow for consistent, age appropriate and competitive teams to be created to represent this area within the travel soccer community.


The focus and mission of FC Charles 1658 (the year Charles County was founded) is to develop excellence in all players on and off the field.  The new travel club began operations in May 2020 with scheduled player evaluations for participation in travel and rec plus leagues for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 soccer year. Stay tuned to the LPYSA and Waldorf websites for more info to be released. Please contact with any questions. 


Our FAQs can be found here.